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Campus Instruction, Grade Book, Posting Grades

Computer or device hardware issues? Open a ticket to request assistance from IT.

Request a repair, replacement, or new Chromebook for a student

Request the installation/setup of existing hardware/equipment, request a new or used computer, or initiate the purchase of new hardware/equipment.

Have a question about district technology? This is a good place to start.

Issues related to printing, scan to email, or PMU

If you need access to another location, here is where you can make that request.

Please make sure to give 24-hour notice before you want the grade window open to give our support team time to respond to your request.

Need an incorrect uploaded document deleted?

Columbus City Schools Distributed Application Services (CCS DAS) is an internal facing platform with custom applications for district users.

CCS Accounts used by students or staff to login to CCS Computers.Issues related to password reset, unlock account.

Do you need help with a student schedule?

If you have a staff member that needs added or removed from your location, you can enter that here.

Use this if you need to gain access to Master Scheduling tools (i.e. Schedule Wizard)

Request software for a teacher and staff computer, classroom computer or a student computer lab.

Request assistance with a phone or phone line issue.

Classroom Support can help users resolve issues with AV and computer equipment used for class sessions and presentations.

Need help with other issues related to master scheduling (not tool rights)? This is the place!

Network infrastructure forms the backbone of modern communication and information exchange. It enables organizations to establish reliable and efficient networks that support various applications, services, and systems, including internet connectivity, data sharing, voice and video communication, cloud services, and more.

Questions about the daily email, scorecard, data quality or request a scorecard.

Request to add access for a substitute.

Parent and Student portal issues

Are you having an issue with how attendance is displayed for a student?

Enterprise ERP Munis is a system that integrates finances, human resources, payroll, purchasing and more.