Chromebook Request

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Service Description

Request the repair, new, or replacement Chromebook.

Standard Features

IT can assist with the following types of Chromebooks:

  • Installation/setup of New/Used Chromebook
  • Installation/setup of a Chromebook Cart
  • Delivery of Chromebook

Optional Features

There is no additional optional features at this time.

Roles and Responsibilities

Requester Responsibilities: 

  • Requester is responsible for providing details related to the student and their assigned Chromebook.

IT Responsibilities:

  • Maintain catalog of Chromebooks approved for district use.
  • Consult with requester before fulfillment.
  • Help facilitate purchase of custom equipment as necessary.
  • Ensure that requested hardware complies with standards approved by IT.
  • Receive hardware shipments and coordinate the installation of equipment.

Procurement Responsibilities:

  • Process quote and requisition into purchase order (PO).
  • Send PO to vendor.
  • Send goldenrod copy to IT Operations Management.

Vendor Responsibilities:

  • Provide quote(s) as requested by IT Operations Management.

How To Request

Click the Open a Ticket button and complete the request form.

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Service Offerings (5)

Chromebook Accessories
Request accessories
Issue New Chromebook
Issue a New Chromebook
Lost or Stolen Chromebook
Report Chromebook lost or stolen
Recovered Chromebook
You've recovered a Chromebook and would like to return it to IT
Repair Chromebook
Request Chromebook Repair Services