Information Technology

Request support for IT related issue like network, hardware, or software.

Categories (9)

Account & Access

Services relating to passwords, authentication, network access, etc.

Applications and Software

Business applications or software requests. CCSDAS, Munis, Installs, or New Software.

CCS Infrastructure (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a services telcomm, compute, storage, or network.

Computer, Device, & Printing

Service related to computers, printing, or hardware


Learn about our IT security policies, data integrity and compliance; report viruses, malware, or email phishing.

Email & Collaboration

Service related to Email, calendar, IM, Conferencing

Infinite Campus

Request support with our student information system

Network and Wireless

Networking and wireless across campus.

Report an Issue

Broken device? Need help with a technical issue, application, or website?